C++ framework for multimedia software like Games
The 3dNovac Framework is hosted under github:Github Project Home Page
You can Use this command to anonymously clone the latest project source code:
# Non-members may clone a read-only working copy anonymously over the git protocol.
git clone git
://github.com/PoncinMatthieu/3dNovac.git Nc
This page lists every releases or available milestones. For each release we provide a snapshot of the full 3dNovac framework, binaries of the DemoViewer and the relevant documentation.
The documentation includes:
  • 3dNovac - Book, to explain in details the framework and its mechanism.
  • Doxygen documentation with tutorials, providing the API reference.
  • Changelog, to record every modification since the last release.
v0.1 - 12.07.2012 - [Release]