C++ framework for multimedia software like Games
Development in progress
This section aims to present works in progress and future improvements.
Current Version:
Work in progress:
  • Documentation
Remaining work before the next milestone:
  • Remove Singleton GL::State so that it can match a GL::Context.
  • Add Compilation stage on GL::Shader to be able to manage shader versions at first.
  • Debug NVidia Quadro graphic card.
Work planned for the future versions:
  • Develop Nc-Audio using OpenAL.
  • Integration of TransformFeedback
  • Advanced managment of lighting:
    • Management of shading, reflexion, specular components
    • Management of different types of light :
      • Lamp (punctual emission in all directions)
      • Area (emission from a surface)
      • Spot (punctual emission in a direction of conical shape) (possibility of volumetric light)
      • Sun (emission of parallel beam in the whole scene in one direction)
      • Hemi (emission of a dome of light over the entire scene) (allowing diffused light and soft)
    • Management of dynamic and not dynamic lights (We'll prefer a precomputation of the lights in a texture for decors insteed of a dynamic light slower at rendering)
  • Integration of a pre-existing physics engine (this will allow us to have a better perspective on the need for a dedicated physics engine)
  • Management of two major types of animations:
    • Keyframes
    • Bones
  • Integration of new features into the samples
  • More advanced management of lighting
    • Management of volumetric lights
  • Integration of level of detail
  • Integration of video streaming
  • If there is physics, integration of OpenCL
  • Early integration of fluid simulation