C++ framework for multimedia software like Games
Wed Jun 20 15:39:40 CEST 2012
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Among every advantages that Git offers, two of them really makes the difference compared to subversion:

  • The distributed nature of Git.

  • The branching system.

With those two features, Git allows to create branches and commit easily and to be very flexible on collaboration.

These features really changed the way I develop.


So i decided to set up two main workflows based on those two main features for 3dNovac :

To contribute, a developer can:

  • Fork easily a repository
  • Maintain its own version
  • Send a pull request to the 3dNovac team
  • We can merge his work with the main repository.
  • Master is a realease branch, which means that the code must always be executable and properly documented.
  • Dev is a development branch, which means that the code doesn't need to be always buildable and documented.
  • Features branches are more likely private branches.
  • Hotfixes can be use to fix some important bugs.


Author: Ponpon
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