C++ framework for multimedia software like Games
Tue Jun 19 18:14:34 CEST 2012
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I've just converted 3dNovac from SVN to GIT and 3dNovac is now hosted under github :D

Here is a nice article on how to convert a subvertion repository to GIT:

To access the repository you can clone it anonymously this way:

git clone git://github.com/PoncinMatthieu/3dNovac.git Nc

3dNovac is an open-source project, and it needs your help to grow. If you want to contribute, it is now possible to fork the project on Github, maintain your own version and send me a pull request periodically to merge your work.

I will probably create some new tutorials soon to explain how to use GIT and build 3dNovac with CMake.

Author: Ponpon
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