Matthieu Poncin

Specialist Unix C/C++ server development.
Fond of Game development.


March to August 2013
Development of an architecture intended to the creation of multiplayer games. This project include the development of a Matchmaking server in C++, a backend with Ruby on rails, game clients turn by turn and real time with Unity in C#. Architecture based on cloud computing and scalable. Using databases mongodb and redis.
2009 to 2011
CIRTES - C++ development.
  • Puzzelation module to optimize materials, manufacturing time...
  • Optimized placement module allowing material savings from 15 to 65%.
  • Simulation and visualization module of 3d pieces on BRep.
Team projects from EPITECH
RType (client/server of the game rtype in multiplayer and a scripting engine), Babel (client/server Voip), Zappy (client/server of a 3d game with IA), Thot (security project), Techweb (intranet of project/team management), Free project (robot controlled by wifi with video retransmission in real time)
Personal development
Conception of 3dNovac, a free multimedia C++ Framework using OpenGL.
Seasonal jobs
Driver of agricultural equipment during school holidays (land preparation and harvesting).
Grape harvester in september.


2009 - 2013
Master degree in Computer Science.
Epitech Nancy - France
2011 - 2012
One year abroad as an exchange student.
Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki - Finland
2007 - 2009
2 year degree GEII (Genie Electrique et Informatique Industrielle).
University of Henri Poincaré Nancy - France
2006 - 2007
French bacalaureat in sciences with engineering sciences and physics options.
St Dizier - France

Practical knowledge

Programming languages
  • Proficient: C/C++, Python, C#, SQL
  • Intermediate: Java, Ruby, Php, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, matlab
  • Unix programmation (pthread, semaphore, IPC, signal, elf format, ...)
  • Development on microcontrollers and PLC
  • OpenGL, Qt, SDL, SFML, X11, GDI, libFreeType, Unity 3d
  • ncurses, Ruby On Rails, JQuery, Vaadin
Development tools
  • Emacs, Code::Blocks, Visual Studio, Ride 6.1, Eclipse, Borland C++
  • Git, Subversion
  • Router CISCO (IOS). study on protocols (XMPP, TCP/IP, IPv6, EIGRP...).
  • Study of network architectures (Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, Zigbee).


Electromagnetism, Optoelectronics, Electromagnetic Compatibilities, information transmission, transformers, DC machinery, electrical safety clearance.
French (mother tongue), English (written and spoken, fluent).
Basics of Finnish/Romanian.
Electric guitar - Electronic - travelling - music