Matthieu Poncin

Specialist Unix C/C++ server development.
Fond of Game development.

Multiplay - Group ConcoursMania

Tech: C++ / Unity 3d / C# / Ruby on Rails / MongoDB / Windows Azure

Company: Group ConcoursMania - During my EPITECH graduation internship (6 months)

Report: ConcoursMania-InternshipReport.pdf

Description: Design and development of an architecture intended to the creation of multiplayer games. Include the development of a Matchmaking server in C++, a backend with Ruby on rails, game clients turn by turn and real time with Unity in C#.
Architecture based on cloud computing and scalable.

Pezzelation module - CIRTES

Tech: C++ / Borland C++

Company: CIRTES - During my EPITECH 3rd year internship (4 months)

Report: CIRTES-InternshipReport-Tek3.pdf

Description: Puzzelation module to optimize materials, manufacturing time...

Placement module - CIRTES

Tech: C++ / Borland C++

Company: CIRTES - During my EPITECH 3rd year (2d/w - 8 months)

Report: CIRTES-Rapport-Alternance.pdf

Description: Optimized placement module allowing material savings from 15 to 65%.

Simulation module - CIRTES

Tech: C++ / Borland C++

Company: CIRTES - During my GEII graduation internship (3 months)

Report: CIRTES-Rapport-IUT.pdf

Description: Simulation and visualization module of 3d pieces on BRep.



Tech: C++ / GLSL

Libs: OpenGL / Win32 / X11 / libpng / libFreetype / libCollada



Description: Free multimedia C++ Framework. Its main goal is to provide the necessary tools for creating games of all types, while remaining portable and lightweight.


Website: Realcar

News: link1 link2 link3 link4

Description: Realcar is an EIP (Epitech innovative project), taking place for 2 years with a group of 9 people and internationally dispatched in Finland/UK/Canada/Paris during our 4th year at EPITECH. Realcar allows to control an electric car from a computer. The cars are equiped of sensors (movement, position) and a camera HD.
The project was winner of the EIP 2012 trophy.


Tech: C++

Libs: 3dNovac / OpenGL


Description: R-Type is an Epitech project of 3rd year realized in 1 month with a team of 4 people. This project aims to reproduce an R-Type like game but with multiplayer features using a dedicated server. The graphical client was developed using 3dNovac and the whole game is scripted (map, ia). There is a solo-game and multiplayer with 4 player in co-op. The Server is provided in the packages.



Tech: Python


Description: skrm stands for 'simple keyring manager'. It is a python script developed for my personal use to store keys associated to tags into an encrypted file using GPG.
This is an handy solution for unix users to store securely their passwords and retreive them quicky.



Tech: JavaScript / Node.js / Ajax



Description: Full JavaScript project implementing the Multiplayer game TicTacToe with a Node.js server.
This project was created only for fun and practice on JavaScript, it includes a Node.js HTTP server including a Dispatcher and a Matchmaker.
It includes 3 different web interface: Tables / 2d Canvas / WebGL Canvas.


Tech: C++ / Qt4 / Boost / PortAudio / Speex

Description: Babel is an Epitech project, a VoIP client with a dedicated server.
The client was created using Qt and the server using boost-asio.
We used PortAudio and lib Speex to transmit audio from client to client.
Users can create accounts on the server, they can manage their friend list, chat with users and call them.


Tech: C / SDL

Description: Epikong is an Epitech rush. With 2 other colleagues, we had to create a small game in 2 days using the SDL library. The player must retreive a key to open the door and finish the level. There is 3 different items that the player can grab, a weapon to kill enemies, a pizza to improve his life and a key to open the door and finish the level.
The player can only grab one item.



Tech: Php / JavaScript / Ajax

Pass: root / root

Description: Design and development of an ERP during my 2nd year at EPITECH.
Backend used to manage projects and team with tasks.